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Jennifer R. Glick

alpha returns for 20 years 





Hedged Strategies in Equities, Options & Indices  

Advanced market Analyst & Trader,  Jennifer R. Glick,  has twenty years of serving Investors around the world.  Everyone from exchange floor traders, fund managers, professional traders and goal oriented retail traders some medical Doctors, commercial Pilots, Politicians and more.  Since February 2001, our data has been available to individual traders and investors, providing everyone real-time access to these powerful trading tools, and timely insights .perhaps best known as an options strategist. Investing in stocks, ETFs & indexes with various derivatives and strategies.  An active trader that mentors and trains stock, options and crypto oriented Investors. In a research capacity, she edits and contributes to her firm’s publications: The Glick Report, RoyalTrades Newsletters with recommendations in derivative products covering equity, ETFs, index, and now Crypto as they have become the #1 performing asset class in the world.

In these capacities, Mrs. Glick is the publisher of a number of Financial Reports, which she founded in 2003. Prior to, RoyalTrades Mrs. Glick offered an advisory service at two major brokerage firms – primarily Investrade Discount Securities, where her services  was the #1 performing  service listed with the brokerage firm.  With nearly 20 million being invested based on her trade recommendations, her performance results were outstanding and third party verified by the SEC.  Mrs.Glick was offered a buyout by the Brokerage Firm of the multi-million dollar fund as it became to large to operate in an auto-trade capacity.   After turning down multiple offers to become a for hire trader for various institutions after the 2008 crash, Mrs.Glick founded the Royal Trading Academy in 2009 to help retail clients learn about the financial markets as a result from the financial crash and needed to learn how to repair their portfolios.  For the past 18 years she has been a sought after Speaker and Educator at Seminars around the world, making it easy to learn as she is known for her straight forward and simple approach.   Now offering a hedge fund for qualified investors, a private fund with Bitcoin & other Blockchain stakes, as well as mentoring and equity investing for her educational retail businesses.

Mrs.Glick sponsor's live educational seminar events at the CBOE & the Options Institute, a division of the Chicago Board of Options Exchange (CBOE). Also secured a daily LIVE video feed from the trading floor, featuring Jon "Doctor J" Najarian, host of CBOE-TV's "Before the Bell" and the CBOE Options Report with Doctor J prior to the brothers joining CNBC.  

Partnering with USA's #1 top market timer of the decade, to introduce a hedge fund to clients around the world has been a career peak.  Growing a successful billion dollar Hedge Fund remains her focus as well as launching the next billion dollar Web3 & Blockchain Fund in 2023 with a team of the best minds in the industry.

Operating with integrity, Mrs.Glick puts asset protection at the front of all actions taken.  Using Algo and AI analysis assist in the portfolio's investment thesis.  Today she offers various investment related services. Hedge funds, PE Fund, Private Investing Groups, Bitcoin & Blockchain special investing partnerships as well as private coaching and mentoring.